Couple counseling


Couple counseling in English is now available in Kyiv If you are a couple and you are facing any of these situations: - Conflicts, misunderstandings, or arguments between each other - Sexual conflicts - Relationship issues between children/parents - Loss of a family member/or a friend We are able to assist you with these and more! Who are we? Tetiana Kozarchuk and Volodymyr Stepanenko – colleagues, certified psychotherapists, experts in male-female relationships, practicing in gestalt approach. You can find additional information here. Why choose us? - Confidentiality and a professional approach is guaranteed - Working as a couple: means both partners will get maximum support (paired male to male and female to female), also there is the opportunity to see your situation from a new perspective Format: 1.5h, price:..$ If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us: Via FB, viber/cell, e-mail



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